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Interested in Getting More Involved with the Roundtable? 

  • Roundtable Officer roles are the President, Vice President Programs, Vice President Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Officers are nominated for these roles every two years and must be approved by the local CSCMP Membership at large.
  • These Volunteers are responsible for the strategy and alignment of the Roundtable to the CSCMP vision and mission.
  • Officers typically attend monthly board meetings and approximately 50% of the Roundtable events
  • Functional Area Chairs include the Marketing Chair, Golf Chair, Facility Tours Chair, Annual Seminar Chair, Young Professional Chair, Scholarship Chair, Education Chair, Marketing Chair, and International Sister Liaison Chair amongst others.
  • Chairs typically serve one-year terms and support the activities of the Roundtable Board.
  • Board members typically attend monthly board meetings and approximately 50% of the Roundtable events
  • Committees are a great way to learn how the board operates and contribute to Roundtable planning and activities.
  • Committee members support member engagement through programming excellence.
  • Committee volunteers participate in periodic Committee Meetings scheduled by their respective Roundtable Officer or Chair (frequencies vary).
  • Volunteers attend Roundtable events as they are able.
  • Current Active Committees:
    • Programs: There are two main roles: Event Chair or Programs Committee. Event Chairs sign up to take ownership for 1-2 events from start to finish. These events are generally 3-4 hours long as either a facility tour, a networking event, or an educational event with a speaker or panel about a given topic. General programs committee members provide support to the event chairs by helping to identify speakers, venues, topics, administrative support, etc.
    • Membership: Membership & Hospitality Committee members provide support before, during, and after each event connecting with non-members and members to help build more engagement with the program. This includes folks focused on the registration aspect, handling the name badges and greeting guests when they first arrive.
    • Finance: The Finance committee is fairly small and mainly focused on handling payments, building and reporting on the budget, and following up on our sponsors’ engagement. Oftentimes, the “Treasurer-elect” will come from this committee.
    • Education: The Education team is focused on keeping our educators and students engaged, as well as facilitating our scholarship program. The focus is reaching out to the faculty and students to spread awareness of our scholarship as well as the benefits of participating in a professional organization – specifically CSCMP.
    • Marketing: The Communications Team maintains our website, e-mail marketing and any social promotion campaigns.
    • Young Professionals: The YP team develops programming throughout the year that is focused on professionals early in their career – those with different needs than experienced professionals. The content may be more focused toward building operational or career development skills as compared to higher level strategic skills or new/emerging content.

Contact us today and let us know what volunteer opportunities you are interested in.